In Hebrews 11, Abraham and his fellow saints are described as “strangers and exiles on the earth.” They walked by faith, understanding that they were merely sojourners here on earth, but that heaven was their home. How often don’t we feel the same way? As the nation is embroiled in yet another Presidential election, as racial and political and religious hostilities rise, it’s hard not to feel like a stranger in your own home. As Christians, we are sojourners. But our lives as Christians isn’t just a lonely walk through life on our way to heaven! God calls us to be sojourners, but there are others sojourning with us. As such, we have other roles to play as well: living as glorifiers, learners, proclaimers, defenders, and encouragers. 

Scripture is full of Christian Sojourners, men and women of the faith who were in the world but not of the world. In each presentation, we hope to examine some of the glorifiers, learners, proclaimers, defenders, and encouragers of old, so that by faith, we might do the same. Surrounded by this cloud of witnesses, we run with endurance the race set before us!

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What about predestination? Do you ever wonder, “What if I’m not predestined to heaven?” We can become confused over this doctrine, but there is no need for confusion! This teaching is given to us as a reassurance of eternal life through Christ. 

This year's presenters:

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh

Seminarian Drew Naumann